Visit Rochester's #1 Indoor Play Ground

Open to the Public:

Sunday 10am - 5pm

Monday 10am - 3pm

Tuesday -Saturday 10am - 7pm


The admission price is $9 per child. Adults do not have to pay.
Socks Are Required
No Outside Food Permitted

Climbing Structure

Come see the highlight of the play center - our custom designed play structure!  You will notice how all the exits bring children to one central area.  Also, we designed our structure so parents can stand on the floor and see virtually everywhere that the kids can go. It is truly AMAZING!

Socks Must be worn at all times on the climbing structure.

Children may not wear jewelery on the climbing structure.


Bounce Area

Our Bounce Area will get your kids moving and using their energy.  Our custom units are designed with all the kids in your family in mind. Monday - Thursday, we keep up our giant obstacle bounce house and our toddler bounce. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, we bring out one more bounce house for even more bouncy fun.

Socks must be worn on the bounce house. 

Children may not wear jewelery on the bounce house.


Rollerskating Rink

We have roller skates in every size, adults too. We switch between roller skates and tricycles so everyone can have fun.
Parents who wish to skate are encouraged to participate with their children.
We provide tricycles and riding toys in this unique gym space.

Redemption Games

We have selected a number of redemption games for children and parents to enjoy during their  visit to the Kango Play Center.  

Our games are both physically challenging and fun, focusing on hand-eye coordination. Everyone gets to feel like a winner as they collect tickets that are redeemable at our Stuff Shop.

Snack Bar/Cafe

No Outside Food Is Permitted

 We provide delicious lunches & dinners (so you don’t have to!)

Choose from our extensive menu.

We offer:

and lots of other kid friendly choices.

Along with fountain drinks we offer Milk, Chocolate Milk and Juices.